How to Download Update Dell Audio Drivers for Windows 10

From here, you can change a number of settings, including your speakers and microphone. Right-click the Start menu and select Device Manager. Right-click the Start button and select Device Manager.

When using ASIO4All, use the Off-Line Settings to select which playback devices to use in your DAW or other audio software. Powering up your system in the correct order is essential for reliable communication between your devices. Basically, turn your computer on last and off first. Once started, computers usually need a few moments to perform startup tasks, like scanning for drivers and launching background applications. When your computer is ready to go, check that your audio interface is detected and available within your sound settings by following the steps in the next section.

Update Audio Driver

Another Win 11 Intel audio driver is as below. The help service will offer you more actions to take in Driver order to solve the sound issues at hand. To talk with its support team, click theGet supportlink on theContact Microsoft Support page. Thereafter, click theContact Supportbutton after entering a description.

  • In this situation, it is a possibility that your audio driver needed to be re-installed.
  • Hence, we recommend using DriverFix, a dedicated tool that automatically scans for any available newer versions and updates the installed drivers.
  • Let us know in the comments section below if you were able to fix this problem or share with us any other issue you may be facing and we’ll do our best to help.

You can also do that if the “No Audio Output Device is installed” error still keeps showing up despite going through the fixes above. It is highly common for any net user to encounter sound problems if the sound card or the Audio Driver is outdated. In that case, it would be helpful to follow the steps given in the article above in pointer number 5 to know in detail how you can fix the issue yourself. Find the Realtek High Daudio driver in the definition Audio from the drop-down menu. If the icon is marked with a yellow exclamation mark, then the culprit of the current sound issues on the system. The most reliable way to fix those sound issues on your Windows 11 PC is to reinstall the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver.


Next right click upon that and find the option saying “Uninstall”. You don’t need to worry after uninstalling the driver. Your machine will automatically start installing the missing audio driver and soon your driver issue will be resolved. If you already know that your sound driver needs to be updated, jump down to our section on automatically updating your audio driver. Or, if you want to know how to source driver updates yourself, and you know your sound card’s model and manufacturer, skip straight to our section on manually updating your sound driver.

Best Ways to Reinstall the Audio Driver in Windows 11

After that, you have two choices — reinstall a lower version or the latest version by fetching it from Realtek’s website. On previous versions of the Windows OS (Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1), the Realtek HD Audio Manager works just fine. The sound issues with Windows 10 build 1903 have become more rampant than ever. Realtek HD Audio Manager comes with Realtek’s High-Definition Audio Driver on almost every Windows computer. At times, it doesn’t open/function properly for some absurd and unknown reason.

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